June 12, 2022 migun massage bed

What Makes the Migun Massage System the Best of East and West

The Migun Thermal Massage System, which is approved by the FDA and endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, is a magnificent marriage between meditative Eastern medicine practices and the scientific modern technology of the West! This pioneering physiotherapy device is currently offered in two forms: a pain relief mat, and most popularly—a therapeutic table.

The Mingun system provides relaxation and relief from pain, as well as restores overall health and vitality. It accomplishes this through combining the heat-transmitting and healing qualities of jade with the remedial and restorative effects of acupressure, massage therapy, and far-infrared heat therapy. In addition to effectively treating both acute and chronic pain, it also burns calories, raises metabolic rates, balances blood glucose levels, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, stimulates hair and nail growth, and supports gut function!

Jade Stone …to Get the Job Done Superiorly

The sustained sanative success of Mingun’s beds is largely due to dozens of jade balls in its design, which roll along the spine and stimulate hundreds of acupressure points. This mineral is our best-known transmitter for far-infrared rays and heats up and cools down 30% faster than any other viable substance, making it ideal for heat therapy and healing. Its magnesium and calcium makeup also allow it to emit the negative ions that are essential to the body’s natural regenerative functions!

Acupressure …to Alleviate Any Ailments 

The component of traditional Eastern medicine known as ‘acupuncture’ is primarily centered on promoting the proper flow of a principle called ‘Qi’, or vital energy. Its practice entails stimulating specific points along the body to recharge this Qi, expel toxins, and restore balance in the body! When these ‘acupuncture’ points are probed with pressure instead of needles, it is alternatively called ‘acupressure’. The Mingun system utilizes this practice by harnessing the potential of a person’s own bodyweight!

Massage Therapy …to Ameliorate Your Mind and Body

Massage aids in maintaining both mental and physical health! Research shows that receiving a therapeutic massage regularly will not only increase concentration and calm the waters of the mind, but also speed up recovery from sports injuries and increase muscle agility! Just like manual massage therapy, the Mingun massage system is effective in eliciting these benefits and eliminating toxins.

Far-Infrared Heat Therapy …to Free You from Toxins

Toxins that are taken in by the body are stored inside large water molecules, inhibiting immune system function, blood circulation, and cellular energy. The Migun therapeutic massage bed conducts far-infrared rays up through jade stones and nearly 3 inches into the body’s acupuncture points, breaking down the molecules that encase these toxins—and releasing them!

This promising phenomenon has been researched extensively in Europe and Japan, confirming far-infrared’s ability to speed up the process of detoxification and reverse these negative effects. In turn, the heat treatment provided by the Migun system will support your overall health by raising your white blood cell count, oxygenating your muscles and joints through increased blood flow, stimulating your cellular activity, and promoting relaxation and healing in your muscles!