June 27, 2022 woman undergoes fsm therapy

Whole-Body Wellness: Why FSM Therapy is a Medical Marvel

Frequency Specific Microcurrent, or FSM, is making moves in the natural medicine community

A biocompatible micro-amperage current is a current on a similar frequency to what the body naturally produces. This treatment combines the two to create a vibration that ultimately uplifts mental and physical energy! This resonance also reduces discomfort and dis-ease while heightening the body’s natural ability to heal. It does this without harmful side effects or hindering other aspects of your health!

Increases Your Vitality and Mental Clarity

FSM will have your cells celebrating—It increases their energy production by up to 500%, helps them to repair themselves, and decreases their electrical resistance so they can thrive. Healthy cells are the foundation for excellent overall health…signaling vitality and mental clarity! 

Utilizing FSM can:

  • Boost physical performance, as well as support your immune and adrenal functions!
  • Increase endorphins and alleviate some of the symptoms associated with psychiatric ailments like ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, and depression!

Reduces Pain and Inflammation in The Body

When your being is resonating with FSM, pain, and inflammation in virtually all of your body’s systems can be assuaged. Through this treatment, relief from numerous chronic conditions has been found!

Try this treatment to:

  • Increase the secretions of tissues throughout your body—including Substance P, a peptide that promotes pain relief!
  • Decrease your cytokine count—reducing inflammation throughout your whole body! 

Helps You Heal Without Harmful Side-Effects

An FSM treatment will either heal or have no effect on your body— making it more manageable than many pharmaceutical alternatives in this aspect! If you’re looking to opt out of harmful side effects, FSM is an option that only offers healing.

Studies have shown that this treatment fosters:

  • Up to 200% faster healing and reduced pain after injuries, especially when the treatment is administered within 4 hours of the incident!
  • Dissolution or softening of scar tissue, promoting flexibility and improved appearance!

Drink plenty of water before proceeding with a Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment—Then, prepare to marvel at the wellness of your entire body and being!