Alpine Clinic Treatment Building

About the Clinic

The Alpine Clinic was founded in 1998 by Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones for the purpose of encouraging healthy living and illness prevention while providing necessary medical care. This is accomplished through teaching and practicing medicine based on supporting the body’s normal physiological function rather than using drugs to suppress symptoms.

At the Alpine clinic we treat the whole person by evaluating each patient to assess the pattern of contributing factors in his or her health problems. We make recommendations for lifestyle changes and other therapies.

About The Dispensary

At The Alpine Clinic our approach to medicine is to provide to you information, knowledge and tools to achieve better health. We believe that better health comes through knowledge and application of mindful health practices. We believe strong and improved health can be achieved through good information about how the body works, and by a proper balance of quality vitamins, minerals and supplements to support the human body. 

When Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones began the Alpine Clinic she quickly learned that finding quality supplements that meet her high standards was a challenge for her patients. As the internet began to take shape and the world of online shopping became the norm, it has become even more difficult to find trusted sources. Dr. Farley-Jones took it upon herself to do the hard work of sourcing vitamins, minerals and supplements for her patients so that she knew they were getting the best.

Every company and product in our Dispensary has been personally researched by Dr. Farley-Jones and her team. We have done the service of finding the best and highest quality sources so that you don’t have to! You can be confident you are getting the best.

We know that you can go to the local drug store or supermarket and find similar types of vitamins and supplements you will find in The Dispensary. But are you confident those supplements are of the highest quality and have meet stringent quality control standard?

Meet the physicians

Dianne Farley-Jones M.D.,CNS

Dianne earned her medical degree at Oregon Health Sciences University and also completed two years of medical studies at the Faculté Libre de Médecine in Lille, France. Dr. Farley-Jones is board certified in Family Medicine, having completed her residency at the University of Utah. In 1998 she served as the president of Utah Academy of Family Physicians. She also completed a three-year course in classical homeopathy at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in California and is certified in medical nutrition by the Certification Board for Nutritional Specialists. Dr. Farley-Jones is on the staff of American Fork Hospital and Timpanogos Regional Hospital.

Steven L. Jones R.N., MSN, N.P.-C

Steve began his medical career as a Registered Nurse in 1987. As an RN he worked in several areas including Labor and Delivery, ICU and ER. His Bachelor of Science degree was in Behavioral Science and Health with a focus on Stress Management. He completed a Master of Business Administration degree in 1990 but found the draw of medicine was too strong. Steve completed his Master of Science in Nursing with a certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner in 2005. He has been a part of the Alpine Clinic since that time. He has pursued special studies and training in areas such as: nutrition and health, women’s health and hormone management, men’s health, prolozone therapies for treatment of muscle and joint problems. He is a founding member and fellow of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy. Steve is frequently requested to be a mentor and student preceptor for upcoming Nurse Practitioners.

shauna chriss, msn-l, aprn, fnp-c

Shauna graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She also has a second Master’s degree in Nursing Leadership also from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Arizona State University. Shauna Previously worked in an internal Medicine practice specializing in chronically ill/ homebound and elderly patients. Prior to becoming a Nurse Practitioner, she had a broad background of experiences working in the areas of Neonatal Intensive Care, GYN Post-op Care, Newborn/Post-Partum Care, Internationally Board Certified Lactation consultant (IBCLC), Hospital Clinical Educator for doctors and nurses, Urgent Care, Community Health, and School Nurse. She has always loved holistic health, optimal nutrition, and exercise for herself and her patients, and is currently studying Functional Medicine approaches to health and healing. Shauna respects the mind-body connection between health and illness and the power of patient insights in the healing journey.