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The Alpine Clinic

At the Alpine Clinic, we treat the whole person by evaluating each patient to assess the pattern of contributing factors in his or her health problems. We make recommendations for lifestyle changes and other therapies.

Call today to schedule an appointment or log in to your patient portal to access patient information and medical records:

Patient Portal

Our patients have access to their own labs (drawn here at the clinic) through the patient portal. To sign up for the patient portal, please call our receptionists at 801-407-3000 to be assigned a user name and password. If you receive an email from the helo app instructing you to access the patient portal from there, ignore those instructions. Our receptionists will instruct you how to properly access your labs. 

The Dispensary

The Dispensary

An important part of better health is making good nutritional choices. Sometimes even the best nutritional food choices may still not provide all the vital nutrients needed for optimal health.

Vitamins and nutritional supplementation are an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. However not all vitamins and supplements are created equally. How can you know that you are getting the best quality supplements for your health?

At the Dispensary at Alpine Clinic, we have taken some of the guesswork out of this for you. Every brand and product we recommend has been personally investigated and approved by Dr. Farley-Jones and her team. Because of our high standards, you can be confident you are getting the best and highest quality sources of vitamins and supplements!

Visit our online store, or we can facilitate your orders over the phone. Please call us at 801-407-3002, Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM or Saturday 10AM – 3PM.


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At the Alpine Clinic, our approach to health and medicine requires that the provider and patient work together to reach a desirable healthy outcome.

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At the Alpine Clinic, we offer a number of alternative therapies in addition to standard treatments. Click the link below to learn more.