Alpine Clinic Treatment Building


At the Alpine Clinic, we are pleased to offer to our clients and to the general public an ongoing health education and seminar series that we call “Your Health Now”. The intent of this seminar series is to provide general health information to the public on health issues and current trends in the realm of health and nutrition.*

These seminars are generally scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday evenings at 7 pm, though dates may be changed based on the needs of the presenter or other scheduling conflicts. Please refer to our Events Calendar for the most current date and time of each scheduled seminar. If you wish to be informed via email of our Your Health Now Seminar Series scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address into our NEWSLETTER SIGN UP and click the SUBSCRIBE button.

All presentations are open and almost always FREE to the public.


Due to limited seating within our Education Room, we recommend calling The Dispensary at Alpine Clinic at 801-407-3002 to reserve a seat prior to the day of each presentation. We are able to accommodate seating for approximately 50 individuals. Reserve seating is not required though it is recommended. Reserved seating is held until 5 min prior to the start time.

*Though we do our best to give useful, relevant and meaningful presentations on current health-related topics through our seminar series, these presentations are not to be construed as medical advice. The “Your Health Now ” classes are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness related to each presentation. The presenters, whether properly credentialed medical professionals or not, are not authorized by The Alpine Clinic to dispense medical advice. Questions are welcomed and encouraged during the appropriate times of the presentations though questions should be general in nature and related to the seminar at hand. Specific medical advice will not be given out at the presentation. If you require specific medical advice or attention we request you call and schedule an appointment with one of our medical providers.