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Weight Loss

The number of people suffering from low self-esteem in our cities, states, and throughout the country is distressingly high, with weight and body dysmorphia being one of, if not the chief, culprits in this line of thinking. This can affect anyone of any age, gender, or class; one source claims that young girls﹘perhaps the group most adversely affected by external and internal pressures for physical perfection﹘fears being fat more than they fear global conflicts or familial tragedy. For many such individuals, the assistance of a primary care clinic is essential to reversing such trends.

At Alpine Clinic, our mission is to promote healthy living through positive thinking and constructive habits by giving our patients access to the best treatments administered by experienced and caring physicians. As such, weight loss and weight management have quickly become some of our most important services. As with everything else we do, we don’t rely on simply one avenue for success, like prescribing flashy new diet drugs or having a nutritionist charge for basic “calories in, calories out” advice. Instead, our physicians have actively been developing weight-loss strategies that utilize a bevy of bespoke tools to make a comprehensive and successful program.

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The Role of Medication in Weight Loss

As a health clinic, we are staffed by licensed doctors who have spent decades understanding what medication is currently available and shaping results-oriented weight loss programs around them. Currently, the national conversation regarding diet medication centers around the use of hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. 

When used properly, hCG can be a great tool in promoting weight loss by boosting the body’s own natural system of hormones to regulate appetite and improve metabolism. Our own philosophy regarding the use of hCG is built on the tried and true findings of accredited doctors for over half a century. Coupled with wise dieting guided by our staff of physicians, we at Alpine Clinic stand by the use of hCG as a worthwhile supplement on the journey to a healthy lifestyle and positive thoughts. 

Finding Health in our Health Clinic

The road to mastery over one’s weight is not without its hardships; an iron will and singular drive are the most important internal qualities one can bring. Meanwhile, our primary care clinic will handle the external tools, including providing coaching clinics, health check-ups, and diet plans. Our weight loss services, led by Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones and our Health Coach Patti Jake, will help people not only find support in every aspect of their body transformation, but they will become educated on how these various systems work together to dictate the health of the individual as a whole. 

For questions regarding pricing or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact our health clinic at 801.407.3000. We are excited to get to know you and see you attain the body you’ve always wanted.