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Light Therapy

Firefly light Therapy represents the latest technology in healing. It accelerates the healing of a wide variety of chronic conditions and soft tissue injuries. It can relieve pain, promote wound healing, and provide therapy for arthritic conditions and neuropathy.

This specific type of light therapy is significantly more powerful than other light systems available through medical clinics. Power output can be up to 75,000 m watts, with several wave lengths of red, blue, and infrared to choose from. There is evidence that biophotons can attract stem cells and stimulate production of collagen. It increases ATP production and decreases inflammation and pain as well as oxidative stress. It does not produce ionizing radiation.

Multi-spectrum light therapy emits packets of light called photons. Photons break the painful inflammatory cycle by dilating small blood and lymphatic vessels. This increase in circulation removes the irritating inflammation resulting in accelerated healing and pain relief. The immune system and nervous system are also stimulated by light increasing activity for faster repair of damaged tissues. Numerous tests show that these light therapy benefits are due to an increase in the release of nitric oxide.

With the wide array of frequencies available, it is possible to match frequencies to the frequency pattern of pathogens. This is in addition to affecting general inflammation and the speed of healing.