Alpine Clinic Treatment Building

Health Coaching

At Alpine Clinic, our goal has always been to “facilitate optimal health with compassion and skill.” While “optimal health” is a term relative to each patient, the effects are the same: elevating the quality of life for every person who walks through our doors by increasing their independence and opportunities by decreasing the adverse effects of their mental, emotional, and physical maladies. In order to accomplish this, our treatments tend to be as diverse as our patients because we treat them entirely, not just the symptoms of the issue that brought them in to see us.

2 women meeting for a health consultation

Heading that initiative is our health coach, Patti Jake. She is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who assists clients to feel their best by making and committing to essential lifestyle modifications. Each one of her patients receives an individualized wellness program, tailored to help them reach their optimal health through effort and accountability. A list of our various treatments and therapies can be found here.

By examining the nature of one’s patterns, behaviors, and challenges, Coach Patti helps her patients reach their health goals through cooperative strategizing and goal setting. No effective goal is made without a way to chart its progress, however, and so every treatment plan is measured according to the data gathered from well-established medical markers.

If you are living at less than your best health, call and schedule an initial appointment today at 801.407.3000. First-time patients will receive a discounted price of $70 for their first consultation. Additional standalone appointments outside of a formal coaching program are $95.

Each of our individualized Health Coaching Programs (HCP) is comprised of:

  • Twelve 90-minute private health coaching sessions over 6 months
  • A 30-minute food sensitivities screening
  • 6 Migun Therapeutic Massage Bed visits
  • Daily text accountability check-ins available

The general price of one of our HCPs $1,140 with a $100 discount if paid in advance of the second scheduled appointment. A monthly payment plan is available upon request.