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Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a hands-on therapy used to treat inflammatory processes brought on by acute and chronic injury. Each of our estimated 50 trillion living cells is stimulated and regulated by low-voltage or microcurrent energy. Cellular injury caused by trauma, toxins, infection or even stress disrupts the normal flow of energy resulting in pain, inflammation and cell death. The ability to restore the organism’s subtle energy pathways by restoring normal microcurrent flows through the affected area have had significant healing benefits.

The use of microcurrent technology in healthcare has been around for a long time. Most people have heard of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator or TENS unit which is a single frequency stimulator designed to overwhelm the passage of pain sensation through nerve pathways. TENS stimulators operate with an output in 10 thousandths of amperes which can damage the cellular function and impede healing if used for too long or used incorrectly. Frequency specific microcurrent (FSM), on the other hand, operates in the millionth of amperes (the same as in human cells) and supports the healthy function of the type of tissue being treated. With FSM the frequency is modulated by the person performing the therapy to affect individual tissue types such as muscle, tendon, cartilage, liver, etc. The frequency can also be adjusted to treat the underlying cause of the affliction such as inflammation, stress, infection, shock, injury, toxicity, etc.

The effectiveness of FSM therapy has been very impressive with many patients reporting significant benefits either immediately following the treatment or within 24 hours of the FSM session. However, no technology, device, or technique is 100% effective and FSM is no exception. In most instances having 4 to 6 treatments will provide a significant benefit or let us know if FSM is the appropriate treatment for the given complaint. On a personal note, after having a severe low back strain followed by medication, physical therapy, massage therapy and exercise I was not able to achieve substantial and lasting effects until after receiving FSM therapy. As a matter of fact, I noticed more relief after the first therapy session than I did following any of the other modalities I had tried previously.

Some of the mechanisms by which FSM has a proven action include:

  • Decrease cellular electrical resistance
  • Improve oxygenation and cellular repair
  • Reduce inflammatory chemicals in tissues
  • Increase feel-good endorphin levels
  • Increase cellular energy (ATP) levels by up to 500%
  • Boost protein synthesis by 70%
  • Restore depleted adrenal function
  • Repair the regulation of nervous tissue
  • Boost immune function
  • Accelerate healing acute injuries up to 200%

To prepare for your FSM therapy session we ask patients to avoid applying lotions, creams, oils and perfumes or scented personal products to their skin prior to the appointment. For optimum results please drink a quart of water, and if you tend to be dehydrated drink more than that in the hour prior to your FSM appointment.

Working toward your better health, Naturally.

Steven Jones, NP-C.

Alpine Clinic

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