September 2, 2021 2 women meeting for a health consultation

The Advantage of Guided Recovery

The process of recovery is a lot like being asked to drive down a road you’ve never been to a place you’ve forgotten how to get to — life can feel sufficiently upside-down as routines are established, habits are reforged, medication is tried, and attitudes undergo readjustment. If you were to find yourself on such a road, would you rather go alone or would you accept the help of a guide who can show you the detours and the traps along the way?

The mission of Alpine Clinic is to provide a medical map for our patient travelers on the road to recovery. We don’t turn our nose up at any practice that improves health and wellness and offer each person a supportive arm to lean against when things get difficult. With the expertise of medically trained clinicians, methods such as holistic medicine and supplements survive the scrutiny of the cynical to provide very real results.

A Guide to Holistic Health

While most people understand the benefit of having trained medical staff on hand during a crisis, questions nevertheless arise about how a clinic can assist in something ongoing, like weight loss or allergen sensitivity. What kind of tools does Alpine Clinic use to raise the general standard of health in patients who are more used to living with something than treating something? Are there times when “going it alone” is actually helpful?

The Virtues of Isolation

What the introduction of something like homeopathy or our other treatments is meant to do is make life better for the majority of times the patient will be alone. In truth, alone time is a significant marker during recovery because it allows the patient to nestle into their new lifestyle on their own and take complete ownership over their progress. 

There is a difference, however, between being prepared to make healthy decisions on your own, and simply being turned loose without any sort of plan put in place. That is the purpose of Alpine Clinic’s health coaching program, namely to:

  • Identify the trappings of the patient’s lifestyle — their behaviors, habits, and challenges — that influence their overall healthiness.
  • Prescribe treatments like certain therapies and holistic medicine that will propel them into a total sense of wellness.
  • Teach them how to maintain their healthy habits whenever they’re alone.

Isolation is a part of life (an essential one, even), but that doesn’t mean that one needs to feel left behind. Our team of licensed clinicians will outfit you with every tool and trick in the book to see you succeed on your own time.

A Doctor’s Bag for Modern Times

The benefits of practicing holistic health today are all the experience and resources available to us. In the healthcare community, a successful experiment or breakthrough in research brings everybody up, and thanks to centuries of mental, emotional, and corporeal treatment, we are sitting pretty high up on the mountain of knowledge. This leads places like Alpine Clinic to have the equipment and supplements necessary to really make a difference in someone’s well-being. Each day our team is using those resources to carry out treatments like:

  • Stem cell therapy
  • IMT scanning
  • Electro-acupuncture
  • Microcurrent therapy

Some of these treatments require the deft use of technology, each can be accompanied by holistic medicine, and all are available to those who accept the help of our Alpine Clinic guides down the road to recovery.