Why We Get Fat

Gary Taubes, author of  Good Calories, Bad Calories builds upon that critical work by presenting fresh evidence and building a stronger case for his claims. In the process he asks and revisits the urgent question of what is making us fat—and what we can change.

Mr Taubes investigates and reveals the nutritional science that we have been told and marketed to over the last century. The weight management mantra of  “calories-in, calories-out” is one more damaging and misguided pieces of advice for model of why we get fat. Good science on the subject of caloric intake and expenditure has been ignored in the face of a quick fix. He tackles and answers the most persistent questions and confusing questions: Why are some people thin and others fat? He also investigates the roles that of exercise and genetics play in our weight? What foods should we eat, and  more importantly foods should we avoid! Why We Get Fat is an essential guide to nutrition and weight management.

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