August 22, 2022 mother holding child at doctor

Low Dose Antigen Therapy: How Does It Work?

Allergy symptoms can dramatically alter a person’s quality of life, causing them to avoid or cease to be comfortable in activities they would otherwise enjoy. Allergy-inducing substances can even be inescapable in some cases, putting a pall over their everyday routine. 

Sometimes, these ‘allergic reactions’ might be directed toward one’s own bodily tissues, causing detrimental damage, progressively limiting their abilities, and preventing them from experiencing a peaceful life. 

After investing time, energy, and money in trying countless treatments, many sufferers of allergies or autoimmune disorders experience more harm than good—and ultimately want to give up. 

Luckily, there is now a revolutionary treatment that has helped many of these people regain comfort and expand their horizons. Low Dose Antigen Therapy is a safe and effective treatment for allergies, autoimmunity, chronic infections, eczema, Lyme, PANS/PANDAS, and other inflammatory conditions.

This revolutionary therapy goes straight to the root cause of inflammation by modulating the immune response. It is relatively simple and comfortable, causing little to no side effects while slowly allowing patients to regain a normal lifestyle.

The Underlying Cause of Allergies

The immune system produces antibodies to take down intruders and restore balance in the body. These intruders generally include infectious microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. 

When the immune system responds to typically harmless outside substances in this way, allergy symptoms arise. In some cases, it may even mistakenly attack its own tissues, inducing autoimmune disorders.

The Conventional Approach

Allergy and autoimmune disorder symptoms can pose a variety of problems for the person experiencing them—from mildly uncomfortable to severe and life-threatening. 

These are generally approached in the same way as chronic infections—by trying to kill off the pathogens that are triggering them or by suppressing immune function altogether.

This conventional approach can have harmful side effects, providing mild relief without much hope for a long-lasting solution.

How Low Dose Antigen Therapy Is Different

LDA Therapy offers stronger, more enduring results with minimal side effects. By providing the immune system with low doses of potential antigens over a long period of time, it re-establishes tolerance in the immune system’s regulatory T-cells. 

This is accomplished through injections, usually administered on the underside of a patient’s forearm. Although they can cause discomfort, it typically only lasts less than thirty minutes. As allergy symptoms improve, these injections will be spaced out further and eventually no longer be needed.

The LDA Therapy Timeline

Many patients experience immediate relief from LDA treatments. However, to achieve lasting results, they should continue to be administered every two to four months for two to four years. 

This timeline will vary based on the type of allergies or immune-based issues being treated, as well as their severity. Long-standing food allergies, chemical sensitivities, or more complex problems will take more time and patience.

It is possible to regain comfort and vitality in the midst of allergens and inflammatory conditions— Call Alpine Clinic in Utah today to learn more about how Low Dose Antigen Therapy can help you or those you love to heal from allergies and start enjoying everyday activities without disruption.