November 8, 2021 female stepping on to weight scale

Losing Weight with Alpine Clinic

It has often been said that second only to death itself, a majority of people fear public speaking the most. This changes, however, when we hone in on particular demographics. In the era of social media, when the façade of perfectionism can cause irreparable damage to one’s self-esteem, many young people fear being overweight more than virtually any other disaster, both personal and global.

In order to fight obesity, scientists have long been trying to understand its effects on the individual. The fact of the matter is, clinical obesity is one of the most harmful states for a person to be in because it can come with deeply set medical complications for one’s physical and emotional states.

As medical professionals dedicated to holistic health of the individual — that is, the total health of one’s body, mind, and spirit — we at Alpine Clinic take health risks associated with obesity very seriously.

Understanding The Harm

For centuries, there have been myths about a fountain that could prolong one’s life indefinitely. While preserving our youth is still as tantalizing as it has ever been, leading to an ever-increasing interest in plastic surgery and health coaching, fears about obesity have become the greatest concern of the Western world.

This is for good reason. Obesity is the root cause of many upsetting health developments:

  • 20-60% of all obese individuals suffer from a psychiatric illness as well.
  • Obesity dramatically increases lifetime diagnoses of major depression, bipolar disorder, and agoraphobia (panic disorder). 
  • More than 36.5% of adults in the United States are obese, up from 23% in 1990.
  • Obesity is linked to more than 60 chronic diseases of the heart, lungs, blood, and more, including cancer.

Knowing what we’re up against is the first step. It’s important to know, for instance, that obesity could lead to chronic pain just as much as it could lead to chronic anxiety. This makes the benefits of a migun bed massage as valuable to some as a pill to help them sleep, for instance.

This opens up a range of treatment possibilities as holistic health practitioners administer to both the core problem and its symptoms alike.

Treating Obesity, the Alpine Way

At Alpine Clinic, we don’t rely on simply one style of treatment; we’ve already mentioned the benefits of a migun bed, as well as medication. Why engage in such a broad range of techniques? Because no two people are exactly alike. We all possess different bodies that respond to different stimuli. 

Naturally, diet and exercise are good for everyone and we have health coaches to make that part of the journey easier for our patients, but we are always looking for that special “something” that will work for you, in particular.


Our experienced staff of licensed doctors keeps their ears to the ground for the latest in obesity-busting medication, an area that requires extra diligence to find the best options. Lately, we’ve seen major breakthroughs by increasing the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). 

  • hCG is a hormone that is typically produced in the placenta of pregnant women and in the pituitary glands.
  • In controlled amounts, it can suppress hunger and increase metabolism.
  • The use of hCG in weight loss plans goes back over 60 years, with new data being researched all the time. 

Losing weight can be notoriously difficult but with the help of our experienced doctors and clinicians, we can help you see real and lasting results. Call us today for a consultation and we will bring all our tools, migun massage beds and all, to bear on your case.