Health Coaching

Our health coach, Patti Jake, is a supportive mentor and wellness authority, who assists clients toward feeling their best through lifestyle modifications and by tailoring individualized wellness programs with accountability. Her job is to help you feel better and reach your health goals through examination or current patterns, behaviors, and challenges, and creating strategies with the client for improvement over time. The #1focus is always overall well-being and improvement in medical markers, with possible weight reduction as a fortunate by-product of improving habits and mindset.
Call and schedule your initial appointment today at 801.407.3000. The cost for the first appointment is $70. Onesie Appointments outside of a coaching program are $95.
6-month individualized Health Coaching Program (HCP) includes:
  • Twelve 90-minute private health coaching sessions over 6 months
  • Food sensitivities screening (30-minutes)
  • 6 Migun Therapeutic Massage Bed visits
  • Daily text accountability check-ins available
  • $1140 for the package, with $100 discount if paid in advance of 2nd scheduled HCP appointment.

A monthly payment plan is available upon request.