July 9, 2021 Man jogging at sunrise as a representation of physical health, mental health, and spiritual health

Health and Wellness Your Way

In terms of keeping one’s mind and body full of vigor and free of illness, you have the health freedom to choose how you will convalesce back to wellness. At Alpine Clinic, we believe that there are many paths to feeling your best and that treating for holistic health allows for more holistic treatments. 

For over 20 years, our healthcare professionals, led by Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones, have promoted techniques that extend beyond the conventional reliance on long hospital stays and frequent trips to the pharmacy. Aided by their extensive education and experience, Alpine Clinic doctors have helped thousands of patients regain their lives through holistic medicine and counseling, with assistance from the pharmaceutical mainstays as needed. 

Alpine Clinic and Health Freedom

The purpose of Alpine Clinic is not to deny the need for conventional treatments but rather to explore the root causes of our patient’s ailments and suggest treatments that might make them whole without the need for costly hospital visits and unending prescription refills. By identifying what lies at the heart of an illness — perhaps the patient needs to make lifestyle changes that would clear up their problem, or they have hormonal deficiencies that need to be treated with supplements — the patient is given a bevy of options to treat themselves as they see fit. Of course, our physicians will guide and make suggestions, but Alpine Clinic doesn’t believe that treating holistic health must come at the expense of personal autonomy.

The Benefits of Holistic Medicine

In the end, when it comes to keeping you healthy, there are many ways to peel the onion. Perhaps a patient suffers from hormone deficiencies and needs help achieving the proper balance (even replacing some as necessary), or another patient needs drastic immunotherapy but doesn’t want to rely on daily pills for the rest of their lives. We at Alpine Clinic can find treatment options that act as effective alternatives. Holistic medicine is the key. 

The benefits of such treatment quickly become self-evident to those who choose to undergo it. However, the reasons a person might exercise their health freedom in this way might remain a mystery to those still considering its role in their lives. Benefits of holistic medicine include:

  • No system is left behind: Our clinicians aren’t satisfied with just treating the body — patients at Alpine Clinic find relief for their mind, spirit, and emotions as well. For someone looking to lose weight, the mental and emotional component is as important as caloric deficits and the number of repetitions in the gym. 
  • Essential self-actualization: While visiting Alpine Clinic can be an enlightening and invigorating experience in terms of creating breakthroughs in health and understanding, the goal of holistic health is to help each patient achieve their body’s full potential. Nature has provided every body with ways to combat its illnesses and we help it do that by tapping into the support system it needs. An essential principle of holistic medicine is believing that every person has innate healing powers.
  • No more focusing on symptoms, but on causes: Say a person had immune deficiencies that caused flu-like symptoms. It wouldn’t be enough to treat for a cough or a runny nose but to correct the problem at its source. Perhaps the patient would benefit from exposure to low-dose allergens in order to promote desensitization. More options levied at the cause of an illness mean more health freedom for those who come to see us.

Buying into holistic healthcare takes a leap of faith but pays big dividends on your long-term wellness. If you have questions about how this type of treatment can benefit you, give our clinic a call today and get your questions answered. At Alpine Clinic, we use compassion and skill to help every person achieve optimal health.