Alpine Clinic Treatment Building

HCG Session 1


We are glad you have decided to join us on this journey to better health through weight management using the hCG protocol.

Developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons over 60 years ago, weight loss using hCG has gained much popularity and acclaim over in recent years. Here at the Alpine Clinic, we have developed a curriculum around the principals Dr. Simeons pioneered, and have infused our philosophy of better health through nutrition and education.

Weight loss through the hCG protocol requires commitment and dedication. One of the biggest factors of success or failure with any weight management program is having a strong support system. Our hCG course is designed specifically for the purpose of building a community of support. Over the coming weeks, we strongly encourage you to attend each class session and stay connected with other participants to share your success and support with those who may need it.

During each in-class session, we will discuss a topic related to health and weigh management. Supplemental readings and videos are provided here on our website for each session topic.

Online supplemental readings will be available a day prior to each in-class session to allow participants to read ahead and be prepared to share thoughts, ideas, and concerns. The online readings are password protected. You will be given the password for the online readings in class.