What is Stem Cell Therapy Used For?

Stem Cell Therapy is used increasingly by a minority of physicians for the treatment of immune dysfunction, multiple types of infections, pain and cell and tissue hypoxia.

The range of diseases for which there are proven treatments using stem cells is extremely small. However, the research that has been done demonstrates a significant improvement in the health and rejuvenation of damaged tissue. New research is growing rapidly. Clinical treatment using stem cells in medical practice has been shown through a formal process of clinical trials to be reasonable, safe and effective for treating the disease or condition for which we at The Alpine Clinic are recommending it.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem cells, more appropriately called allografts, are defined by two properties. First, they can ‘self-renew,’ that is they can divide and give rise to more stems cells of the same kind. Second, they can mature or ‘differentiate’ into specialized cells that carry out a specific function, such as in cartilage, skin, muscle, or blood.

There are many different types of stem cells that are being used successfully to treat a variety of conditions. These include embryonic stem cells that exist only at the earliest stages of development; and various types of ‘tissue-specific’ stem cells (sometimes referred to as ’adult’ stem cells) Embryonic cells can be extracted from the umbilical cord of healthy newborns, amniotic fluid from Wharton’s jelly. So far, the best results have come from using the umbilical cord blood, which has shown to have the highest concentration of active stem cells and associated anti-inflammatory cytokines.

What Kind of Stem Cell Therapy is used at The Alpine Clinic?

Stem cell therapy as performed at The Alpine Clinic is a treatment that uses embryonic stem cells (cells that come from umbilical cord blood) to replace or to repair a patient’s cell or tissues that are damaged. The stem cells might be put into the blood, or transplanted into the damaged joints or tissue directly.

Rejuve, the product used in the Alpine Clinic, shows robust statistically significant improvement in (1) recruitment of chondrogenic cells; (2) stimulation of chondrogenic cell proliferation; and (3) enhancement of cartilage matrix synthesis. What that means is this particular product can improve the structure of the tissue/joint that it is injected into. Rejuve is the most researched allograft product on the market today and has proven and reproducible cell counts in each batch that is produced. This product meets FDA criteria for their approval and is deemed to be safe for human purposes.

FAQ for Rejuve

What Should I Expect During The Treatment?

The treatment is completed by injecting the stem cell solution along with a diluent such as procaine into the affected area after the area has been cleaned. Some patients experience improved symptoms almost immediately, while others notice an improvement over a 2-4 week time span. The effect usually peaks in 12-16 weeks.

Is This Stem Cell Treatment Safe?

No medical treatment can ever be described as completely safe. There are risks involved with all medical treatments. There have been no significant side effects reported from the use of this product.

How Can I Get Started With Stem Cell Therapy?

Talk to your provider at the Alpine Clinic or call 801-407-3000 to make an appointment.

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