We are growing . . . We would love to have you join us.

The Alpine Clinic was founded on the principles of integrative health practices and holistic approaches to health management. We believe our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves, given proper support, maintenance and care. Our unique approach to health and patient care has been sought after by individuals who desire this approach to health and healthcare, and for whom standard health practices have not garnered desired outcomes.
We believe that our approach is an expanding niche within the field of medicine and healthcare. Over the years we have grown from a small family medical practice with one doctor and a small support staff to a thriving practice with multiple practitioners. We are now looking to expand even further.

Our hope is to introduce this approach and pass our legacy on to the next generation of healthcare practitioners. We are looking to add a qualified M.D. or D.O. to our team. Interested practitioners who are ready for the challenges of integrative medical health practices and willing to take on a leadership role within the Alpine Clinic are encouraged to come and meet with us.

If you are interested in joining us at The Alpine Clinic please contact Cheryl Worthen at 801-407-3000 Ext 205 for more information and to set up a time to meet with our leadership team.