The human body is capable of healing itself if given the proper direction. This is accomplished by supplying missing biochemical intermediates (usually derived from nutrients) and avoiding interfering substances.

The increasing amounts of toxins in our environment (food, water, air) act as interrupters in our bodies and are primary contributors to the heavy burden of chronic disease in our society.

We believe that patentable pharmaceuticals act to block normal physiological pathways in a variety of ways, producing changes in symptoms. Sometimes these effects are needed for acute problems. However, because drugs are foreign to the body and do not support normal physiological pathways, they do not lead to true healing.

We focus on the contributions of 7 factors related to health which may need to be balanced or corrected.

  1. Nutrient sufficiency
    We want to make sure the body has the raw materials to heal, and that nothing is missing. This includes adequate protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oxygen and pure water.
  2. Muscle strength
    Loss of muscle mass as we age has the highest correlation to declining health. Exercise is indispensable.
  3. Neurotransmitter balance
    The loss of this balance plays a big role in many of the functional problems that interfere with living a happy, energetic and pain-free life.
  4. Hormonal balance
    We look at gonadal, thyroid and adrenal hormones to see which may need to be supported, replaced or tempered.
  5. Toxins
    We have recommendations on limiting exposure to environmental toxins such as plastics, organophosphates and heavy metals. We also recommend protocols to help the body detoxify.
  6. Allergies
    Food and environmental allergies and sensitivities often are greatly responsible for common uncomfortable symptoms.
  7. Infections
    Bacterial, viral and fungal organisms may be important triggering factors in persistent symptoms.

All of these factors play a role in health, although only one or two may predominate at a given time.