FirstLine Therapy

Illness is NOT A Normal Part of Aging!

Chronic disease account for 78% of annual healthcare costs (CDC, 2007).  It is also related to potential life loss before age 65 (CDC, 2007).  Scientific research demonstrates that many of the chronic diseases associated with aging can be prevented or even treated by adopting a healthy therapeutic lifestyle. For example, 91% of type 2 diabetes is caused by unhealthy habits and behaviour choices (Hu, Stampfer et al, 2001).

What is a “therapeutic lifestyle?

A therapeutic lifestyle is one that incorporates thoughtful changes in the choices of everyday life that effect overall health and wellness,  including:

  • Making daily choices that will enhance health and help prevent disease
  • Adopting habits of living that may delay the onset of illness in old age
  • Increasing years of good health and full function and activities
  • Enabling yourself to achieve a full, healthy life

A therapeutic lifestyle change program has been recommended by leading health organizations as a first-line treatment option for many chronic and age-related illnesses including: heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, osteoarthritis, diabetes, stress-related disorders, conditions related to being overweight, obesity and more.

FirstLine Therapy

At the Alpine Clinic we offer a FirstLine Therapy (FLT) program to help prevent and reverse the effects of chronic illness. FLT is a specialized therapeutic lifestyle change program that targets the underlying causes of chronic illness. In cooperation with your Alpine Clinic medical provider and clinic health coach, an individually designed plan will be created for you. This personalized FLT program offers:

  • Practitioner consult with each visit
  • Health coach consult with each visit
  • Initial testing and follow up testing
  • Coaching and solutions for staying active
  • Simple eating guidelines
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Nutritional supplementation counseling
  • Progress tracking
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Stress management
  • Nutritional product recommendations

Although weight loss is a crucial component of chronic illness therapy and prevention,  there are many other individual health needs that can be addressed by this individualized therapeutic program beyond simply weight loss. Appropriate use of medical foods and supplementation, as well as sensible eating, exercise and stress management  are all critical to a successful FLT program. FLT allows you to see improvements in your health over time as you progress toward your healthy goals. The possibilities of aging without illness and living a therapeutic lifestyle are within your reach.

Because you are working with Alpine Clinic medical providers, qualifying diagnoses from FLT can often be billed to your insurance. To start your own personalized FLT program call our receptionist today to schedule an appointment.