At the Alpine Clinic our approach to health and medicine requires that the provider and  patient work together to reach a desirable healthy outcome. To reach that goal, two important pieces of the health puzzle need to be in place. The first, our providers need to be at the cutting edge of medical research and technology. You can be confident knowing the medical providers at the Alpine Clinic are continually educating themselves so that you will benefit from their skill, knowledge and experience.

Secondly you, as a patient, need to be educated in real and meaningful heath trends. Frequently individuals come to us who have read on the Internet or seen on “The Dr. Miracle Worker T.V.” show the latest and greatest health trend. Though the Internet and celebrity doctors can be useful tools for discussion, we feel that it is our job to dispel myths and offer education that will effect long-term health.

To that end, we have developed the Your Health Now Seminar Series. This is a once monthly seminar given by one of our medical providers, health coach or a trusted source in the medical community.

In addition to the Your Health Now Seminar Series we also offer a selection of classes in Weight Management. A key component in optimal health is optimal body weight. We offer several options for group weight management courses directed by our health coach and assisted by Dr. Farley-Jones.  

Click the links below for more information on our educational seminars or weight management courses.